Welcome to FunEx

FunEx is an Alberta based business that specializes in making fun happen with exciting products like Laser Tag, Mini Paintball, ESports, and more. We are experts at event hosting - from Birthday Parties, Youth Group Events, and Corporate Team Building. We are focused on delivering both fun and safe experiences to our many customers.

We are a young business; most of the staff are 18-30. We’ve grown quite quickly in the first 10 years and we have big plans for the future.

We operate Laser City facilities in Edmonton and Calgary - https://lasercity.ca 

As well as our paintball and laser tag businesses, we're always on the look-out for fun new projects. Check out https://codo.ca and http://hospitalofhorror.ca for example!

Our Core Values and Culture

What we stand for

We have a few core values at FunEx that help define who we are and why we're here. They are:

  • Safety Always
    • Everyone should be safe and not exposed to dangers. This is both for customers and staff members.
  • People
    • We are very particular about who we bring on our team. We work with the best, and train them to be outstanding at their jobs.
  • Bad Ass Products
    • The things we do should have an element of bad ass'ness.
  • Give a Sh!t
    • Don't be lazy or inconsiderate; give a sh!t about what you do.
  • Fun and Exciting
    • At our core we exist to provide fun and excitement.
  • Innovation and Growth
    • Do new things, do bigger things, make things better!
  • Awesome Customer and Employee Experiences
    • Everyone should have an awesome experience being a customer or an employee.
  • Community Giveback
    • Support the local community wherever possible.